Board of directors

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Pictured from the left (seated) Amy Hanauer (executive director), Harriet Applegate, Bakari Kitwana; (standing) David Bergholz, Doug Wang, Earl Pike, Stephen Crowley, Yvonne Hunnicutt, Kirk Noden, Kamla Lewis, Susan Helper, Jeff Rechenbach.

Policy Matters Ohio has a talented board of directors made up of business, labor, non-profit, academic and community leaders from all over Ohio. Like our staff, the group includes a healthy mix of men and women, and includes innovative thinkers from black, white, Latino, Asian and multi-racial communities; click here to read board biographies. Also read A labor leader and a banker walk into a boardroom, a piece on Huffington Post about the Policy Matters board.

Harriet Applegate
Executive Secretary, North Shore AFL-CIO

Indigo Bishop
Action Strategist, ioby

Melissa Cropper
President, Ohio Federation of Teachers

Stephen Crowley (on leave)
Professor, Oberlin College

Yvonne Freeman, Board Secretary
Project Manager, Ohio Urban Resource Center, Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies

Susan Helper
Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Kamla Lewis, Board Nominating Committee Chair

Director of Neighborhood Revitalization, City of Shaker Heights

Chris Mabe
President, OCSEA

Kirk Noden
Director, Ohio Organizing Collaborative

Earl Pike, Board Vice Chair
Nonprofit Consultant

Jeff Rechenbach, Board Chair
Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus, Communications Workers of America

Pari Sabety
State, Provincial and Local Government Strategy Consulting, Accenture

Graham Veysey
Owner, North Water Partners

Doug Wang, Board Treasurer
Board chair, Saint Luke’s Foundation


Former board members

David Bergholz
Renuka Mayadev
William Burga
Kevin Carter
Mark Cassell, Ph.D
Michael Charney
Ruth Clevenger
John Corlett
Peg Gallagher
Joyce Goldstein
Lusanne Green
Blaine Griffin
Anne Hill
Chris Howell
Bakari Kitwana
Marvin McMickle
Dave Megenhardt
Susannah Muskovitz
CJ Prentiss
Julian Rogers
Seth Rosen
John Ryan
Alvin Schorr
Baldemar Velásquez
John Walker
Becky Williams
Warren Wolfson
George Zeller