Authorized Abuse: Sponsors, Management and Ohio Charter School Law

September 20, 2010

Policy Matters reviewed management agreements, audits, websites, board lists and other charter school documents, using criteria from the pro-charter National Association of Charter School Authorizers, to see whether the 150 or so Ohio charter schools that are run by management organizations are conforming to these basic criteria. Our report finds violations of the law, such as a management company owner’s relative serving on charter school boards. We also uncover widespread practices that undermine independence, accountability and good governance, such as board members who are also school staff, board members for an Ohio school who live in Colorado, overlapping boards, and more. If we don’t want Ohio’s charter system to continue to be seen nationally as an example of how NOT to do charters, we need better laws, more responsible sponsor behavior, and stronger enforcement of existing law.

Press Release
Executive Summary
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