Cellblocks or Classrooms?: The Funding of Higher Education and Corrections and Its Impact on African American Men

August 28, 2002

Cellblocks or Classrooms, an August 2002 joint release with the national Justice Policy Institute, found that between 1985 and 2000 in Ohio, corrections spending grew 5.5 times faster than spending on higher education spending.  At the report’s release, more black men were in prison (23,200) than in college (20,074) in Ohio.  At the same time, Ohio had the tenth largest tuition in the country. 

Ohio Fact Sheet

Full Report


 Ohio’s Spending Priorities Criticized                                                                                         Toledo Blade, August 28, 2002

Prison Spending Outpaces Higher Ed                                                                                    Cincinnati Post, August 28, 02

New Report: Ohio prison Spending Grows Five Times Faster than Higher Education Spending                                                                                                                                            City News August 28, 2002

Prison Spending Outpaces Colleges’                                                                                          Dayton Daily News, August 28, 02 

Colleges Get Less Money than Prisons                                                                                  Columbus Dispatch, August 28, 02

Study Finds Big Increase in Black Men as Inmates Since 1980                                              New York Times, August 28, 02 

Ohio’s Policy Wastes Money and Lives                                                                                       Plain Dealer, Blaine Griffin, September 20, 02

All that Cash for College — Headed for Ohio’s Prisons                                                             Akron Beacon Journal, Hanauer, September 15, 02

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