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When Markia graduated from Cuyahoga Community College two years ago, she was offered a job that paid $11.89 an hour, only to find out there was a big downside.

Her annual salary of $24,765 would put her just over the state’s cutoff to get help with childcare costs for her two young children. Without assistance, Markia would have so little left after paying for childcare that she couldn’t cover rent, food, and other necessities. Or she could turn down the job and fall even further behind.

No one should have to make that choice. And thanks to your contribution, fewer Ohio working mothers and fathers are in that tough position today.

With your help, we improved eligibility for childcare so that a family in Markia’s shoes could get assistance. Now more employers can find the workers they need and more parents can go to work knowing their children are cared for and enriched while they’re away. This win stemmed from work that you supported: A groundbreaking report that described the problem; strong partnerships with advocates, businesses and parents like Markia; forceful advocacy with lawmakers from both parties; and phenomenal media coverage that changed the debate.

But the job is not yet done. While someone in Markia’s position can now get aid, many other Ohio families still don’t qualify. Now you can advocate for families who still need assistance with this essential, expensive necessity. When Markia graduated, Ohio ranked third stingiest in the country for providing childcare assistance. The changes you helped secure moved us up six places in the state rankings. That’s better. But it’s not good enough.

Your support for Policy Matters helps us fight for better childcare, more decent wages, fairer taxes and a better tomorrow. We push for education funding from pre-K through college, for weatherizing buildings and taxing fracking, and for a more balanced approach to all of Ohio’s challenges. We start with research that spells out the facts. We build coalitions that create power. We get phenomenal media coverage everywhere from The Toledo Blade to The New Yorker magazine. And we get policies changed to transform lives – even in a tough political climate.

You make it all possible. And we need you more than ever.achieve these gains

Please help us do this essential work with a contribution today.

Every day, with you behind us, Policy Matters strives to make Ohio a state where parents like Markia can provide a better future for themselves and their families.

We are grateful for every dollar. So please renew your support today with a tax-deductible donation of $100, $250 or whatever you can afford.

Join the movement at Policy Matters to push for an Ohio that is more vibrant, equitable, sustainable and inclusive. Together, today, let’s build an Ohio that works for Markia, for her children, and for everyone.

With gratitude,
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Amy Hanauer
Executive Director


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Updated December 2015