Free Fall

- August 25, 2014

In this eNews: Tax shift a windfall for the rich, others pay more; changes to safety net could push more families into poverty; July job losses wiped out months of gains; Ohio refused work requirement waiver for food aid; and more.

Tax Shift – Nine years of regressive tax reforms have been a $20,000 windfall for the average top 1% earner; as a group, the bottom 60% are paying more.

Free fall – Ohio budget changes have slashed the safety net.  New rules that push families out of eligibility could exacerbate, not reduce poverty in the low-wage economy.  

Two Steps Back – 12,400 job losses in July wiped out months of small gains, setting Ohio back to March employment levels.  Unemployment rose to 5.7% even as 6,000 Ohioans left the labor force.

Food cuts – Despite a lawsuit alleging discrimination, the Kasich administration has refused a federal waiver that would allow hungry Ohioans to get federally-funded food aid. Policy Matters and other organizations called on the Kasich administration to accept the waiver.

In the news – Our policy liaison Kalitha Williams flags payday lenders that target vulnerable families with debt-trap loans in the Columbus African American News Journal.  The Akron Beacon Journal and the Toledo Blade each critique the tax shift and shaft.  And the Plain Dealer checked in with Hannah Halbert when Ohio job losses led the nation last month.

Watch now – Director Amy Hanauer rallied the City Club on making Ohio’s economy work for all of us.  If you missed it, you can still check out the video.  

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Support our work! – Our work supports workers, so we’re launching our first-ever Labor Day donation drive. Together, we can achieve a more vibrant, equitable, sustainable and inclusive Ohio.  Support our work here.  You don’t even need to dump ice on your head to do so!

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