Fiscal Fallout

- April 18, 2013

In this week’s eNews — An op-ed by Amy Hanauer makes the point that the services we rely on require adequate taxes, a brief on how automatic federal cuts are hitting Ohio, and Policy Matters in the news.

Schools and fire stations – Economies are complicated, says Amy Hanauer in her op-ed published in Sunday’s Plain Dealer. It takes good infrastructure, great schools, excellent universities and diverse industries to get strong communities and economies. Often, those things require taxes. The piece, which ran the day before tax day, documents the effects of tax cuts, analyzes the evidence about anti-tax claims, and contains a personal story to boot.

Sequester starts – Automatic cuts in federal funding are already being reported across the state, hitting everything from NASA to Head Start.
News roundup – Research Director Zach Schiller talked tax policy on Ideastream’s Sound of Ideas, while the Dayton Daily News wrote about our recommendation to create a state EITC and posted our interactive map to their website. We also saw lots of other coverage of our work, including pieces on the federal sequester in the Dayton Business Journal and Cincinnati City Beat, on taxes in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, on prison privatization in the Youngstown Vindicator, and on minimum wage in the Washington Court House Record Herald. Blog pieces by Amanda Woodrum and David Rothstein ran in  Green City Blue Lake and the New America Foundation blog.

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