Fracking expert series examines true costs of energy

- September 26, 2013
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For the fourth installment of the Expert Series on Fracking to help citizens make informed choices regarding the need for a Charter Amendment to protect the city of Bowling Green from fracking and its toxic waste disposal issues, a paneldiscussion will be held at the Happy Badger in Bowling Green, Ohio on October 1 from 7 – 9 pm.

Matt Nisenoff of the Ohio League of Conservation Voters, Amanda Woodrum of Policy Matters, and Terry Lodge, local environmental attorney, will discuss the pros and cons of gas development in a panel discussion moderated by Lea Harper of FreshWater Accountability Project Ohio. Others are invited to participate, including the League of Women Voters, local citizenry, university students and faculty and BG residents. This program is an opportunity to learn more about the important, complicated issues that continue to affect Ohioans because of the new and highly unregulated industry that has come to the state, horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking). 

Matt Nisenoff of the Ohio League of Conservation Voters will provide resources to find ways of interaction between citizens and elected officials or candidates for most effective outcomes. The Ohio League of Conservation Voters educates Ohioans on how local issue advocacy moves us towards achieving conservation goals at the state level of government. Amanda Woodrum is a lead researcher for Policy Matters Ohio, a progressive economic think tank focused on issues facing working families in Ohio. The organization is working on amulti-state collaboration to document the impact and cost of hydrofracking on human and social services to disseminate credible documentation about actual employment and revenue effects. Policy Matters provides tools for local policymakers to address likely impacts and successful mitigation strategies. Attorney Terry Lodge has been a long-time advocate for better environmental protections and has represented grassroots and large conservation organizations to insure better public protections in the face of large corporate and industrial development.  A long-time critic of the corporate state, Attorney Lodge has represented opponents of nuclear weapons, antiwar activists, and many who have stood against government-corporate combines that would destroy nature and pollute the land and water forever for short-term profit of the few at the long-term cost to many. 

Lea Harper, former Bowling Green resident, business owner  and BGSU alumnus, will moderate the panel to include comments and questions from attendees for an honest and open discussion of the pro’s and con’s of fracking and the impacts of its toxic waste streams. Lea is founder of the FreshWater Accountability Project Ohio, a grassroots organization actively committed to protecting Ohio’s water from destruction by fracking. Lea is also a grandmother very concerned about the future impacts of current fossil fuel extraction activities and fracking’s toxic and radioactive waste disposal issues.

The Expert Series is sponsored by Protect BG in support of the Bowling Green Charter Amendment for the Citizen’s Bill of Rights, Protect Wood County (, FreshWater Accountability Project Ohio ( and Northwest Ohio Alliance to Stop Fracking (Facebook).


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