Getting By Gets Harder

- August 14, 2013
Breaking up – The recently approved Ohio budget added more tax breaks than it got rid of and increased tax expenditures – a form of state spending that includes tax exemptions, credits and deductions – by several hundred million dollars a year, according to our new report. Leaving in these exemptions – many of which are hard to defend – means less money for schools, parks and communities. This excellent Akron Beacon Journal editorial slams the lack of review of Ohio’s tax breaks.
Three blows to locals – The state has delivered three blows to local communities in the new state budget: $95 million less in aid over the next two years than under the previous budget; eliminating the estate tax, which provided $625 million to Ohio communities over the last two years, and; eliminating the local property tax rollback for levies, which means Ohioans will pay more at the local level. This will lead to continued local problems, including cuts to schools, curtailed senior services and furloughed police and firefighters.
Getting by gets harder – Congress refused to continue a modest boost to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), meaning harder times for 1.8 millions Ohioans, according to a new report from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. An update of the Economic Policy Institute’s Family Budget Calculator shows that many working Ohio families struggle to provide the basics. Another Center on Budget report shows the importance of the federal Earned Income Tax Credit and the low-income component of the Child Tax Credit, with 55,000 veteran and active-duty military families in Ohio receiving at least one of these working-family credits.
Protecting older Ohioans – Older Ohioans are at risk as legislators cut local government funds and resources drop for Adult Protective Services. Our report shows that it’s time to provide appropriate funding to protect the elderly. We also provide a map with county information on elderly abuse and on funding and staffing to help.
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