Green Light in a Dark Tunnel: Policy Matters News

- August 1, 2011

This spring, Policy Matters proudly partnered with community leaders in Oberlin, Ohio on their cutting-edge strategy to revitalize Oberlin’s economic and environmental health at the same time, making itself into the greenest little city in the United States. The Oberlin Project, under the leadership of nationally-renowned environmental educator David Orr, aims to grow the local economy and build pathways out of poverty for Oberlin residents in the process, while creating a national model for sustainable economic development. In partnership with the Oberlin Project, Policy Matters Researcher Amanda Woodrum released Local Sustainability: A Menu of Options this May, a collection of best practices from cities around the country, to help other municipalities build their own comprehensive sustainability strategies.

To learn more about this inspiring effort, mark your calendars for the Northern Ohio’s Clean Energy conference at Oberlin College on September 16. Join David Orr, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, the City of Oberlin and community stakeholders for the project’s unveiling and to help chart its course. If a small town of 8,000 residents can take on sustainability in a big way, it can be done anywhere! 

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