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Policy Matters Ohio - December 2, 2011


With the help of you and other allies, last year Policy Matters Ohio won $25,000 from the Pepsi Refresh contest. With those funds, we were able to revamp our website; improve free tax preparation services; and create a toolkit to get people out of poverty and into good green jobs. This month, we’re trying again to raise money through Pepsi to support our work. And you can help again.

We’ve joined a group of progressive organizations to compete in this online fundraising opportunity. That’s where we need your help. Click here to join the slate and vote for us and our allies. If you already got an e-mail from the Progressive Slate today then you’re already signed up—just follow the directions in that e-mail and you’ll be helping us win.

As a daily voter, you’ll receive a short e-mail each morning with a links to cast 5 votes each day for organizations on the Progressive Slate (that’s what we’re calling all of our groups working together). The first day involves a couple of different sign-ups but by day 2 it’s super easy. Working with the other organizations on the slate, we’re hoping to build a group of several thousand daily voters—can you sign up now to help us win?

This money will make a big difference for our work in 2012 – it will give us the means to help low- and middle-income families save money, avoid bad loans like payday loans, and start building toward a better future for themselves and their kids.

The other groups on the slate are training Latino, black and LGBT kids, increasing civic engagement among minorities, making our schools safer and more.

It was great to win a year ago and to build our organization through that win. With your help, Policy Matters can again get resources to create a more prosperous, equitable, sustainable and inclusive Ohio. Click here to join the slate and vote for us and our allies.


Amy Hanauer and the Policy Matters Ohio team

p.s. If your friends would also be interested, please forward this e-mail to them! Thanks for spreading the word about the Progressive Slate.

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