Just Say Yes

- September 19, 2012

Just say yes – Question: Should Ohio take action that will secure health care for up to 900,000 more working Ohioans, bring some $17.3 billion into Ohio, save up to $2.3 billion in state spending, create about 50,000 jobs in Ohio, and have the federal government foot the entire bill for three years and 90 percent of it forever? Correct answer: Yes. Learn more in Ohio should say yes to Medicaid expansion. Amy Hanauer, Policy Matters executive director, also appeared on Feagler & Friends to make the case (scroll to 8:50).

Where we are – The recent Census update found that in 2011 in Ohio, poverty stayed flat but remained higher than before the 2001 recession, median income dropped, and income inequality grew. Even though fewer people are getting health insurance through work, the number of uninsured Ohioans didn’t rise, because the public sector has picked up the slack. Citing our analysis, the Toledo Blade noted in an editorial that smart public policy helped “break the fall” for many, with food assistance and the Earned Income Credit pulling nearly 10 million Americans above the poverty line last year. Social Security and unemployment insurance helped too.

Energy boost – The market for energy-efficiency measures isn’t working, mostly because information isn’t available to renters and buyers of homes and buildings, according to the latest resource we’ve added to our Sustainable Communities Toolkit. The brief highlights the successful implementation around the country of energy disclosure policies, which encourage or require the release of energy-use data that can spur sellers and landlords to upgrade existing properties, save money for tenants, and focus communities on reducing energy consumption.

Thanks from Amy Hanauer and the Policy Matters team.

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