March for Justice on April 12

March 17, 2014

Extend Unemployment Insurance! 
Raise the Minimum Wage! 
Restore Food Stamps Cuts in Ohio! 

Noon: GATHER at Market Square Park (across from West Side Market)
12:30 pm: MARCH! from the Park along W. 25th St., ending at St. Paul’s
1:15 pm: FREE COMMUNITY MEAL & RALLY at St. Paul’s Community Church, 4427 Franklin Avenue, 

√ Extending unemployment insurance will help several million people, their families and the communities where they live
√ Raising the minimum wage will reduce poverty 
√ Restoring food stamp cuts will reduce hunger 

None of this will happen by itself. Grassroots organized people must pressure public officials.

That’s why we march!

For those who can, please bring “Loaves and Fishes.” We need ready-to-eat food for the FREE community meal.

Sponsored by the NO CUTS COALITION, a labor-community coalition working to prevent cuts in federal programs that provide basic survival needs to people. For more information, contact 216-881-7200.

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