New reports: Leveling out, cutting back

Policy Matters Ohio - April 9, 2012

Leveling out – Our latest foreclosure report points out that even though new filings dropped for the second year in a row – down to 71,556, a 16 percent decrease from 2010 – foreclosures in Ohio seem to be leveling off at a crisis-level peak. Mediation and foreclosure prevention programs are clearly making a dent in the problem, but much more is needed. In addition, housing trends show that thousands of delinquent properties and underwater mortgages, which are worth less than is owed, are causing continued instability.

Cuts without a cause – Even though there is no budget shortfall, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and House Republicans propose squeezing $95 million out of Ohio’s current budget with no plans to use the money to restore critical services. Our analysis of HB 487, part of the governor’s “Mid-Biennium Review,” suggests that small amounts of money could have significant impact on the lives of many Ohioans. Just $8 million could pull down a federal match and reduce the wait for 14,000 families needing services from the Department of Developmental Disabilities; just $6.2 million could stop the cut pending next year to alcohol and drug treatment services and help provide treatment for 3,800.

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