Medicaid expansion is good for Ohio

- October 21, 2013

Medicaid expansion is a victory for all of Ohio. The state Controlling Board’s decision today to grant appropriation authority means that 366,000 low-income workers in Ohio will now be able to see a doctor for preventive care. This will help reduce health-care costs as more Ohioans live healthier, more productive lives. Ohio’s hospitals – particularly in rural places and central cities – will be protected from severe financial strain as national health reform moves forward.

Controlling Board approval makes $2.56 billion in federal funds available over the next two years. This investment in Ohio’s health care needs will facilitate treatment in mental health and addiction services, and help meet many other needs. The federal government will pay 100 percent of the cost of the Medicaid expansion in the first three years of the program before a phased-in reduction to 90 percent in 2022. This is a much higher share than the 64 percent federal match in other program areas.

These new federal dollars will have a spin-off economic impact, making this a good financial deal for the state. Ohio will see 28,000 new jobs spread across all 88 counties, according to data provided by Ohio State University and its partners. Local governments will see more than $40 million in new revenues. 

The bottom-line benefit will be healthier, happier lives for Ohioans, an improvement that will benefit individuals, families and communities. We congratulate Gov. John Kasich and his staff, the members of the Controlling Board, and the advocacy community that has worked tirelessly for this victory. 


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