Social workers honor Policy Matters

- March 22, 2013

Local chapter of National Association of Social Workers names think tank “Public Citizen of the Year”

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Contact Amy Hanauer, 216.361.9801

Policy Matters Ohio has been named 2013 Public Citizen of the Year by Region 3 of the Ohio chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. The nonpartisan, nonprofit state policy research institute is being recognized for its service to the social work community in Cuyahoga County.

“We are thrilled that NASW values the work we do to create an economy that works for everyone,” said Amy Hanauer, founding executive director of Policy Matters Ohio. “One of the main reasons we do this work is to help make sure dedicated public servants, including NASW members, can do what they do best.”

Policy Matters was founded in January 2000 to broaden the debate about economic policy in Ohio. Our mission is to create a more prosperous, equitable, sustainable and inclusive Ohio, through research, media work and policy advocacy. Ohio faces enormous challenges in the wake of the global recession, decades of deindustrialization, rising inequality, and global warming. We see tremendous opportunity to reinvest in Ohio’s workers, children, cities and infrastructure, to forge an economy that works better for all.

In 2008, the Nation magazine named Policy Matters the most valuable state or regional organization in the country. The organization was honored for innovation and excellence by the Mandel Center for Non-Profit Organizations in 2010 and the Ohio Association of Non-Profit Organizations in 2011.

Hanauer will attend a ceremony at Cleveland State University on Friday, March 22, 2013, at noon to receive the award.


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