Nominate Amy Hanauer for TED Talks

October 31, 2014

TED talks are coming to Cleveland, and this November, you can nominate our very own Amy Hanauer to give the talk. Here’s how.

TEDxCLE is now seeking nominations for the April 2015 talks in Cleveland. This month, tell them you want to hear Amy Hanauer lay out the policy choices we can make to put Ohio’s economy back to work for all Ohioans. Follow this link or type in

Plug in your name and email address, then nominate Amy:

Who are you nominating?* Amy Hanauer

Why are you nominating this person? *

Write your own or use this guide (you can even cut and paste!):

Amy Hanauer is the founding executive director of Policy Matters Ohio, a research and policy institute dedicated to restoring vibrancy and fairness to Ohio’s economy. I want to hear Amy speak about the policy choices we can make to get Ohio’s economy back to work, for everyone!

What is the phone number of the person you are nominating? *


What is the email address of the person you are nominating? *

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