Policy group questions Kasich’s additional cuts

Columbus Dispatch - April 10, 2012

Joe Vardon

A liberal policy group is questioning $95 million in net funding reductions that Gov. John Kasich made in his mid-biennial review at a time when there appears to be no budget shortfall.

In a recent report, Policy Matters Ohio highlights the spending cuts in light of the reductions made to schools and local governments in the Republican-passed state budget from 2011.

“How will the net $95 million squeezed from the current lean state budget be used? The rainy-day fund? More tax cuts?” the report asks. “These options are discussed, but restoration of funding for schools, local governments and other public services are not part of the conversation. They should be.”

In response, Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said, “We tried it their way.

“And they blew an $8 billion hole in the budget, and Ohio was completely uncompetitive. That debate has been settled. We were No. 1 in the country in job creation in February.”

Policy group questions Kasich’s additional cuts

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