Policy Matters applauds withdrawal of Puzder nomination

February 15, 2017

US Department of Labor oversight needed to protect Ohio workers

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Policy Matters Ohio joined with community advocates and workers to oppose the nomination of CKE Restaurants CEO Andrew Puzder as Secretary of Labor. Puzder’s decision to step down is good news for Ohio workers who depend on the US Department of Labor to protect their rights.
“The Ohio legislature recently barred cities and other municipalities from improving upon state wage and hour laws,” said Policy Matters Researcher Hannah Halbert. “With only six state investigators Ohio has one of the most poorly staffed wage and hour divisions in the nation. Because the legislature has failed to address these gaps, much is left to the federal Department of Labor. With his poor record as a fast food CEO, Andy Puzder couldn’t be trusted to protect the safety and pocketbooks of our friends and neighbors.”
Halbert called on the Trump administration to now nominate a true advocate for workers, someone with a record of standing up for working people, supporting unionization and encouraging better jobs.
“Puzder’s withdrawal is a victory for working Ohioans,” Halbert said. “Workers deserve a true worker advocate at the helm of the Department of Labor.”


Policy Matters Ohio is a nonprofit, nonpartisan state policy research institute

with offices in Cleveland and Columbus.

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