Recovery Act Investment in Ohio’s Workforce: Use and Distribution of Recovery Act Awards

February 28, 2011

Ohio received more than $8.5 billion in Recovery Act funds more than $370 million of which is dedicated funding to support job training. Only 45 percent of Ohio workers possess post-secondary credentials yet, more that half of all jobs will require post-secondary education. Recovery Act funds will help the state push back the skill gap and help individuals left jobless by the recession seek new employment and retrain for new careers.

This report, the first in a three-part series, presents a broad overview of the Recovery Act and investment in Ohio’s workforce development system from non-Department of Labor sources. These funds, which supported training programs in the health care, weatherization, and SmartGrid maintenance and implementation, were spent with high levels of public transparency, generated job growth, and helped workers train for jobs in growing industries and for better wages.

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