Roll Your Change Week returns to Cleveland

- November 15, 2012
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Families sign-up for free Cleveland Saves program, get prizes for rolled change

Cleveland Saves, a project of Policy Matters Ohio, is kicking off Roll Your Change Week with dozens of financial institutions and community groups from November 26 -30. Families sign-up, for free, as a Cleveland Saver and receive a free piggy bank to collect loose change. During Cleveland Saves week in late February, families deposit the collected loose change into a savings account and receive a raffle ticket to match their deposit.

“The average family has $90 in loose change,” said David Rothstein, project director for asset building at Policy Matters. “Every individual should have an emergency savings account and loose change is a great way to start one.”

Cleveland Saves provides saving, budget, and financial strategies to more than 15,000 families in Northeast Ohio. Beginning in 2003, Cleveland Saves was the first of more than 100 local Saves campaigns around the country. Saves helps families set goals for saving and reduce debt by providing a clearinghouse for research and strategies in asset building.

“‘Roll Your Change Week’ is a valuable learning experience for our community,” said Carrie Rosenfelt, community development manager for Huntington Bank. “The program educates people on the importance of saving as well as simple methods to save that are often overlooked, such as collecting loose change that quickly adds up for the future. These are lessons that all Clevelanders can apply to their daily habits.”

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