Safeguards for Issue 1

November 21, 2005

The General Assembly soon will take up legislation to implement Issue 1, the constitutional amendment passed by Ohio voters on Nov. 8. To ensure that government funds are spent in the most effective manner and provide the greatest benefit to Ohioans, the implementing legislation should ensure the accountability of all public funds used for Third Frontier projects by all levels of government, universities and other nonprofits, and the private sector. A Policy Matters Ohio brief recommends specific steps the legislature can take to provide such safeguards.

Policy Matters Ohio Research Analyst Jon Honeck testified Dec. 6, 2005, before the Senate Finance & Financial Institutions Committee about Senate Bill 236, the implementing legislation for the amendment. Policy Matters made additional recommendations for the Third Frontier portions of S.B. 236, including, among others, requirements that all members of the Third Frontier Commission file public disclosure forms and that companies provide detailed information about the types of jobs that were created with state support.

Policy Brief

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