- September 3, 2013
Stuck — Labor force participation in Ohio was at a 33-year low at the end of 2012, job growth since 2005 was fourth worst among states, and wages inched up just a penny from already-low levels. Described by the The Toledo Blade as “indispensable,” the latest edition of our annual State of Working Ohio report shows what a tough labor market we’re facing.
The Akron Beacon Journal also based an editorial on the report, concluding: “Gov. Kasich and his Republican allies promise better days, arguing mainly that reductions in state income taxes will generate economic activity and job creation. Tax rates soon will be nearly one-third lower than a decade ago, and the governor talks about wanting to take the rates even lower. Unfortunately, there is little evidence to suggest such a course will make much of a difference.”
Changes that will put Ohioans back to work and get our state out in front of the demands of a changing economy:
  • Invest in education, from cradle to retirement. States that are increasing educational investments are also doing a better job of increasing their wages.
  • Retrofit Ohio for the new energy economy. Doing so will create jobs now, save money later, and reduce climate change.
  • Restore public jobs. This smart countercyclical move will boost the economy and improve public services, positioning our families and communities better for the future.
Thanks from Amy Hanauer and the Policy Matters team
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