Too Much Power,Too Little Oversight: Ohio’s State Controlling Board

April 10, 2003

Report & Update

Though most people do not know it, Ohio’s State Controlling Board affects nearly every Ohio citizen with the sweep of its action.  The state legislature sets the appropriations for the budget, but the Controlling Board often issues the final word on how Ohio’s money is spent.  Because the board wields such power, it is important that citizens understand how it works.  Policy Matters has reviewed the board’s actions in two reports:

Too Much Power,Too Little Oversight: Ohio’s State Controlling Board

This April 2003 report describes the Controlling Board and its powers, and reviews the requests it receives.  It also examines public access to the board, the process the board uses to make decisions, and the results of those decisions.  The report concludes with recommendations on how the board’s role and practices should be changed to improve accountability.

Executive Summary

Full Report


Ohio’s State Controlling Board: An Update
August 2003

Policy Matters released Too Much Power, Too Little Oversight, a report on the Ohio’s State Controlling Board, in April 2003.  This summary updates that analysis, covering board actions from January to June 2003 – the last half of fiscal year 2003.


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