We DON’T want your money!

Policy Matters Ohio - December 31, 2011



At this time of year, a lot of non-profits ask for contributions. This year, we’re not! Why? Because we are very close to being able to win an online contest that would net us $50,000. Yep – $50,000 to help create a more prosperous, equitable, sustainable and inclusive Ohio. But we need your vote.

We’ve joined a group of nonprofits as part of a Progressive Slate competing in the Pepsi Refresh contest. Click here to join the slate so you can vote for us and our allies. Once you join, you’ll get a daily e-mail for the rest of December with instructions on how to vote for us and the other social justice groups.

The first day involves a couple of different sign-ups but by the second day it’s simple. Can you sign up now to help us win?

This money will make a huge difference for our work in 2012. We’ll use it to help families avoid bad loans, save money, and start building toward a better future for themselves and their kids. Other groups on the slate are training Latino, black and LGBT kids, increasing civic engagement among minorities, making our schools safer and more.

We won this contest once before and right now we’re just outside the winning range. With your help, Policy Matters can again get resources to help create an economy that works for everyone. Click here to join the slate and vote for us and our allies.


Amy Hanauer and the Policy Matters Ohio team

p.s. If your friends would also be interested, please forward this e-mail to them! Thanks for spreading the word about the Progressive Slate.

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