What’s Next for Old King Coal?

Sound of Ideas - July 2, 2013

From Ideastream’s Sound of Ideas  It’s the air conditioning for your home, energy for your microwaved dinner, even the charge for the Chevy Volt in your driveway. In Ohio, it’s likely powered by coal. Tuesday morning on the Sound of Ideas we look at the President’s new climate change initiative including his demand for reduced carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. But what’s the fallout here if plants have to switch fuels or even close? And can renewable sources provide enough electricity to pick up the slack, if coal power in Ohio is trimmed? We’ll generate some answers Tuesday morning at 9:00.

 Amanda Woodrum, of Policy Matters, comes on in the second half of the show. Listen here:


Ray Evans, VP, environment, FirstEnergy 
Nancy Gravatt, Sr VP communications, National Mining Association 
Megan Ceronsky, attorney, Environmental Defense Fund 
Amanda Woodrum, economist, Policy Matters Ohio 
Liang-Shih Fan, director, Clean Coal Research Laboratory, Ohio State University

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