What’s up with Ohio workers

- September 6, 2012

State of Working Ohio – Ohio unemployment is down but a lot of people have stopped looking for work. Manufacturing jobs have grown twice as much as other jobs in Ohio, particularly in the sub-sector that covers cars and appliances. But layoffs in local government are sucking jobs out of the economy even as manufacturers add them. Our median wage has dropped more than almost any other state, and male labor force participation is at an all-time low.
Get the whole story in State of Working Ohio 2012, our annual review of Ohio’s labor market.
For the past generation, we’ve cut taxes, reduced regulation, weakened labor standards, made it tougher to unionize, slashed the safety net, and let higher education costs rise. The result – an economy where wealth, wages, and income go increasingly to ever fewer people, and we all have less security and stability. Included in the report – our conclusions, described as “sobering” by the Akron Beacon Journal, and our recommendations, described as “sensible” by the Toledo Blade.
Thanks from Amy Hanauer and the Policy Matters team.

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