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Budget Bites: quick takes on the 2018-2019 state budget

Digestible budget analysis and recommendations for reporters, policymakers and activists

Policy Matters Ohio has a vision for a state budget that invests in our children, our infrastructure and our workforce. Strong public services lay the foundation for thriving communities. In our paper An investment budget for a better Ohio, we looked at the funding required for the schools, infrastructure and services Ohio needs. Now we’ll check back in. Does Ohio's 2018-2019 budget deliver?

Our series of “Budget Bites” examines how the state is approaching the essentials we need. When Ohio is fully investing, we’ll ring the dinner bell. When it isn’t, we’ll identify the gap between what the governor proposes and the investment Ohio needs. Each bite includes recommendations when needed. We hope this series serves as a resource for reporters, policymakers, advocates, organizers and especially everyday Ohioans looking to ensure our state works for all of us.

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