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An Economy That Works

January 05, 2007

An Economy That Works

January 05, 2007

Ohio became a great state because its people made smart decisions and sound investments.  During times far less prosperous than today, Ohio’s citizens considered future needs, invested effort, time and scarce resources, and took a chance on a better tomorrow. Today we are better educated, more prosperous, and more successful because of that earlier leadership. As Governor-elect Ted Strickland and dozens of other newly-elected officials prepare to take office, it is a good time to reflect on past accomplishments, consider current challenges, and resolve to make the choices needed to create an economy that works better for everyone in Ohio. Policy Matters Ohio has pulled together findings from research – its own and that of others – to make recommendations for how Ohio can create an economy that works better for all of the state’s citizens. In An Economy That Works, Policy Matters recommends embracing what has worked in Ohio policy while forcing some fundamental shifts.

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