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Greening Ohio Industry

November 17, 2009

Greening Ohio Industry

November 17, 2009

Ohio’s manufacturing sector is a prime first target for achieving energy savings and emissions reductions. To reduce our dependence on polluting fuel, most of which is purchased from outside Ohio, we can help our manufacturers better manage energy use. Savings could be reinvested in facilities, products, and workers.

We recommend the state of Ohio: support climate change legislation; extend and expand Ohio’s Advanced Energy Fund, which is currently set to expire and is wholly inadequate in size; provide free industrial energy assessments, efficiency training, and implementation assistance to manufacturers to encourage private investment; and, investigate the potential for municipal power authorities to build combined heat and power plants on brownfields in order to provide manufacturers affordable and stable energy prices through long-term power purchase agreements (green incentives). The resulting energy savings can solidify Ohio’s manufacturing stronghold in the new global clean energy economy, and make Ohio a more sustainable and vibrant state with a vital role in the nation’s future.

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