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The Third Frontier Action Fund: a Performance Assessment

December 12, 2003

The Third Frontier Action Fund: a Performance Assessment

December 12, 2003

This state program, a part of Gov. Taft’s Third Frontier initiative, distributed 80grants totaling $55 million between fiscal 1998 and fiscal 2003 to private companies, universities and other entities that try to spark high-tech development. Though the program has undergone various changes, its purpose has remained much the same since early on: Providing financial support to projects that contribute to technology-based economic development in Ohio. Grants now aid commercialization of new products, development of early-stage capital funds to support start-up and young companies, and Gov. Taft’s Fuel Cell Initiative. This December, 2003, report examining the program finds that it has created only a modest number of new commercial jobs, while oversight of it has been inadequate. The study also makes recommendations on how to improve the program and its accountability. 

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Third Frontier Grants Oversight Criticized                                                                           Dayton Daily News, December 12, 03

Report: Third Frontier Fund Gets Slow Start                                                                  Cincinnati Enquirer, December 12, 03

Study Criticizes Taft's High-Tech Start-Up Fund                                                             Columbus Dispatch, December 12, 03

Study Says Third Frontier Grant Program Fails to Create 'Significant Number' of Jobs, Lacks Oversight                                                                                                                                   Gongwer News Service, December 12, 03

Frontier Knowledge                                                                                                                    Akron Beacon Journal, December 29, 03

Blind Frontier                                                                                                                         Cleveland Scene, January 7, 04

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