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A Healthy Standard: Paid Sick Days in Ohio

October 02, 2007

A Healthy Standard: Paid Sick Days in Ohio

October 02, 2007

Every other industrialized country, all of the world's other most successful economies, and even nations much poorer than the United States have found a way to allow workers who are sick to stay home on occasion without suffering economically. Yet the United States fails to protect workers in this way. Many Ohio employers provide paid sick days, because they recognize that it is better for their customers, clients, workforce and productivity. But 2.2 million Ohio workers can not take a paid day off when they are sick, and 3.3 million can not take a paid day to care for a sick child or parent. Permitting employees to earn up to seven paid sick days will improve worker and child well being, reduce spread of disease, have savings that exceed the costs, and help ensure that those serving our food, caring for our children, and standing across the checkout counter from us are not ill. In a nation that expects people to work and contribute to the economy, a paid sick day policy helps ensure that workers can also take care of themselves and their families.

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