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Eliminating the Right to Overtime Pay

June 25, 2003

Eliminating the Right to Overtime Pay

June 25, 2003

Under revised overtime rules proposed by the Bush administration on March 31, more than 350,000 Ohio workers, some who earn as little as $22,100 a year, could be ineligible for extra pay when they work over 40 hours a week.

"Eliminating the Right to Overtime Pay," released nationally by the Economic Policy Institute, critiques a Labor Department estimate that diminishes the impact of the proposed rules and provides a detailed description of their true impact. According to the report, any worker who earns $425 or more a week, supervises two or more employees, and has a minimal amount of training or work experience beyond high school is more likely to be denied overtime pay.

Full Report on the Economic Policy Institute

Hundreds of Thousands To Lose Overtime Pay Under Bush Plan
The Hannah Report, July 24, 2003


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