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Pre-K Pays!

May 01, 2007

Pre-K Pays!

May 01, 2007

A new national study by Economist Robert Lynch finds that investments in pre-K education pay for themselves more than twelve times over, in the long run. Nationally, these investments can begin paying for themselves within nine years. This research shows that Ohio and the nation can benefit enormously by investing in our youngest learners today. Publicly funded preschool actually saves government money, boosts individual earnings, reduces crime and improves community well-being. The study affirms recent commitments to early education made by Governor Strickland and lawmakers, and reinforces that more bold strides should be taken in the future.

Policy Matters Ohio teamed up with the Economic Policy Institute and Voices for Ohio's Children to bring you this report. Author Robert G. Lynch is an Economic Policy Institute Research Associate and the Everett G. Nuttle professor and chair of the economics department at Washington College.

3-page Ohio fact sheet


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