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Building Ohio's Future Middle Class

April 26, 2010

Building Ohio's Future Middle Class

April 26, 2010

Ohio's young adults are coming of age in a tough economy, ravaged by a deep recession and further damaged by 30 years of declining opportunity and security for all but the most highly educated and affluent. High education costs, lower wages for young people than in the past, and weaker regulation of exploitative lending combine to put young adults behind, just as they should be getting started.

This report from Policy Matters Ohio and Demos documents how weakening policies and structural changes are making things harder for today's young individuals and families. The middle class that was created in a previous generation was no accident - the New Deal, the GI bill, the higher minimum wage, the higher education act - all helped young people get education and start their families. We can recommit to policies that build Ohio's future middle class. This report provides the details.

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