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The Great Ohio Sell-Off

August 02, 2011

The Great Ohio Sell-Off

August 02, 2011

The new state budget calls for a massive sell-off of Ohio public assets worth billions of dollars. Among the properties that may be privatized are the Ohio Turnpike, six prisons and the liquor distribution business. The budget also authorizes local and exempted village school districts to contract out their bus transportation, universities to enter into agreements transferring buildings and parking facilities to outside entities for up to 99 years, and cities to lease their parking meters for up to 30 years. Little evidence has been put forward that the public will benefit from these privatization moves, which raise numerous questions. Just one of them: Will the public be able to find out how well services are being delivered and keep tabs on the private monopolies that will be providing these services? This August 2011 brief describes privatization moves in the Ohio budget.

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Gov. John Kasich Moves Ahead with Turnpike Leasing Proposal


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