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Ohio needs investment not more tax cuts, lawmakers told

June 09, 2015

Ohio needs investment not more tax cuts, lawmakers told

June 09, 2015

Senators urged to restore aid for needed public services instead of giving away more tax cuts that benefit mainly the wealthy.

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More income tax cuts proposed by the Ohio Senate are not a prescription for prosperity for Ohio, Policy Matters said in testimony to senators today.

A decade of tax cuts have further shifted the weight of state and local taxes to lower- and middle-income Ohioans, and has not boosted the economy, Policy Matters'  Zach Schiller and Wendy Patton said in testimony.

The Senate deserves credit for funding more need-based aid for college students, and for restoring maternal health services for low-income women, Schiller and Patton said. But they called on lawmakers to restore aid for local government services; help low-income families with child-care costs so they can work;  invest in public transit, address Ohio's high infant-death rate and adequately fund protective services for elders and children.

"Ohio would get a better return on investment by improving communities, building opportunities for children and creating the infrastructure needed by businesses and individuals alike."

You can read their testimony here.







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