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See how an improved Ohio EITC would benefit your community

April 14, 2015

See how an improved Ohio EITC would benefit your community

April 14, 2015

Fact sheets detail local impact of federal program, and potential impact of improving Ohio's anti-poverty tax credit.

Contact: Kalitha Williams, 614.221.4505

Ohio House District fact sheets

Ohio Senate District fact sheets

Following a report last week detailing shortcomings of Ohio's Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Policy Matters Ohio has created state legislative district fact sheets showing how an improved state credit would benefit families in your community.

The federal EITC  is the nation’s most powerful anti-poverty program. Nearly 1 million Ohioans claim the credit, bringing over $2 billion back into local communities.

Ohio’s EITC could be a much more powerful tool for helping working families provide for their children. Only about 7 percent of Ohio’s poorest workers – those earning $19,000 or less – see any benefit from the state credit.

Unlike the federal credit, Ohio’s state EITC is not refundable, meaning it cannot exceed what a taxpayer owes in income taxes. It also has a cap: For those earning more than $20,000, it cannot exceed half of what is owed in income tax.

The Policy Matters fact sheets show the impact of the federal credit and estimate how a non-capped, refundable state EITC would benefit families in individual House and Senate districts. In 82 of 88 House districts and 32 of 33 Senate districts, at least 10 percent of Ohio tax filers claim the credit. Read Making Ohio’s EITC work for workers for a detailed analysis of the current state EITC and how Ohio families would benefit from an improved credit.

How to search the district fact sheets:

  1. If you don’t know your district, you can find it by entering your zip code on the “Member Search” section of the Ohio House home page or the “Find Your Senate” section of the Ohio Senate
  2. Click the link above for either the House or the Senate District EITC Fact Sheets.
  3. The districts are in numerical order within the PDF documents. Scroll up or down to the find the district number.
  4. Individual district fact sheets can also be found using the search function. Press Ctrl F and a small dialogue box will appear on the right side of the screen. Enter the appropriate House or Senate district information.


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