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Ohio CASH eNews

February 01, 2012

Ohio CASH eNews

February 01, 2012

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Join Us for the February Ohio Cash Coalition meeting
The first Ohio CASH Coalition meeting of the year will be held February 24, 2012 from 10 a.m. to noon at the United Way of Central Ohio, 360 South Third Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215. This meeting will include presentations from our coalition members, some capacity-building plans, and an important discussion on developing our public policy priorities. Please RSVP to Kalitha. We look forward to seeing you! Can’t attend the meeting? We’ll also have a conference call line available. It won’t be the same as engaging in person, but you’ll be able to participate in the discussion.

Conference Call Information
Phone Number: (218) 339-2409
Guest Access Code: 937 0346

Miss a webinar? Watch online!
So far, we have featured two webinars that are beneficial for tax preparation coalitions and sites. Both of the webinars were recorded and are available for viewing at your convenience. In January we featured Tax Refund Savings Options, a webinar on purchasing savings bonds with tax refunds. The training is valuable for anyone who wants to empower people receiving tax refunds with saving opportunities. The recording is available at

Earlier this month, we featured the webinar Tax Challenges for Domestic Violence Survivors. This session
focused on educating coalitions and sites about how to prepare taxes and work with domestic violence
clients. You can view the webinar here

Right-to-Cure legislation is no cure at all
The Akron Beacon Journal recently published an opinion piece by David Rothstein on Ohio’s new “right-tocure”
legislation. In the op-ed, David clearly describes how this bill is nothing more than an attack on Ohio's
already effective consumer protection law. Read the piece at

President's budget preserves VITA funding
President Obama released his FY2013 budget and it includes funding the VITA program at previous levels. Sean Noble, of the National Community Tax Coalition, wrote a blog piece describing the importance of this funding and the successful advocacy of different groups in this effort. Read the blog here

Ohio Ranks 37th in nation for residents’ financial stability
The Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) released the 2012 Assets & Opportunities Scorecard with Policy Matters Ohio, which measures how Ohioans fare in a variety of policy areas related to financial and asset security. The report found that more than one in four Ohio residents have almost no financial cushion to use in an emergency. Read the full release and scorecard at

Local Coverage of Release
Toledo Blade
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Huffington Post


The EITC rocks…still

David Rothstein traveled to D.C. to mark EITC Awareness Day, presenting remarks at a briefing organized by
the National Community Tax Coalition. He emphasized that the Earned Income Tax Credit is the “largest
poverty relief program for working families” and called for renewed efforts to boost free tax preparation
programs because of their high return on investment. Read his full remarks here:


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