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Briefing Paper: The Apollo Alliance Green MAP Proposal and the Ohio Economy

June 15, 2009

Briefing Paper: The Apollo Alliance Green MAP Proposal and the Ohio Economy

June 15, 2009

As Congress weighs sweeping energy and climate legislation, Senator Sherrod Brown is introducing a new initiative that would address immediate challenges faced by America’s manufacturing industry and support development of domestic clean energy manufacturing and production. Brown’s bill would provide $30 billion in bridge loans to help auto suppliers and other manufacturers retool for the clean energy industry. The bill adopts many of the key provisions of the Apollo Alliance's Green Manufacturing Action Plan proposal.

This briefing paper released by Policy Matters Ohio provides a county- by-county interactive map, which illustrates firms that currently produce in sectors that serve new energy markets. We found over 3,000 Ohio facilities employing 250,000 workers currently producing in markets that could serve green energy component manufacture. This interactive map demonstrates where these firms are located in Ohio. A second interactive map highlights energy intensive firms that might be vulnerable to price shock as greenhouse gases are priced. Senator Brown’s legislation would provide financial and technical assistance to allow them to install new processes, protocol and equipment for energy efficiency. Although the map, found here, highlights the most energy intensive firms, all manufacturers of small and medium size would be eligible for assistance under the provisions of the proposed bill.

This legislation will help Ohio firms adapt to the new energy economy.
This paper from Policy Matters provides the detail.

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