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Clean Energy Development for a Growing Economy: Employment Impacts of the Clean EDGE Act

September 20, 2006

Clean Energy Development for a Growing Economy: Employment Impacts of the Clean EDGE Act

September 20, 2006

A national commitment to develop clean, renewable energy would not only enhance our security and protect the environment, it could restore American technological leadership, create jobs, protect our living standards, and save consumers money. Under the provisions of the proposed Clean EDGE legislation, Ohio would be one of the biggest winners, garnering more than 25,000 new jobs in manufacturing, construction, trade, transport & warehousing and business services.

A study by Dr. Robert E. Scott of the Economic Policy Institute and Brian A. Siu of the Apollo Alliance tests the economic benefits of a comprehensive clean energy strategy by examining the likely employment impacts of the proposed Clean Energy Development for a Growing Economy (Clean EDGE) Act.

The EPI/Apollo study finds that the Clean EDGE Act would increase public and private investment in clean and renewable energy technologies by as much as $49 billion and create approximately 530,000 US jobs when the program is fully implemented in 2009. The Act’s wind energy provisions would generate nearly half the total or 245,000 jobs. Clean EDGE would generate the majority of new jobs in manufacturing (251,000 jobs, 47.3% of the total) and construction (62,000, 11.7%). Compensation in these sectors is approximately 13% and 10% higher, respectively, than in the rest of the economy, improving the wages and benefits of hundreds of thousands of workers who move into these jobs. Ohio would be one of the big winners because of our existing industrial infrastructure, standing to gain almost 26,000 jobs.

Policy Matters Ohio coordinates Ohio Apollo, the Ohio arm of the National Apollo Alliance. The Apollo Alliance is a coalition of labor, environmental, civil rights and business leaders fighting for energy independence from foreign energy sources.

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