Public Assistance Initiatives in 2014 Ohio Budget Bill

Added July 22nd, 2014

 Changes to public assistance programs in the MBR emphasize cost cutting, stricter eligibility, but not alleviation of poverty. read more

Cuts and Breaks

Added July 2nd, 2014

Most of the $400 million-plus in tax cuts for Fiscal Year 2015 will go the affluent. The Mid-Biennium Review also continues with an unfortunate Ohio tradition of permitting or enlarging tax benefits to special, narrow groups of taxpayers. read more

Ohio’s childcare cliffs, canyons and cracks

Added May 8th, 2014

Ohio could improve the lives of many working moms this year by making public childcare work better for families and children. This study examines how a small increase in earnings causes families to lose childcare subsidies and see reductions to their... (read more)