Fracking in Carroll County, Ohio: An impact assessment

Added April 10th, 2014

The Multi-State Shale Research Collaborative, of which Policy Matters Ohio is a member, has released case studies examining the impacts of shale oil and gas drilling on four active drilling communities — Carroll County, Ohio; Greene and Tioga counties,... read more

Problems in the MBR tax cut package: Volatility, uncertainty, unsustainability in shift to new sources

Added March 25th, 2014

Gov. Kasich’s tax proposal falls short in two ways: it won’t pay for all the income-tax cuts, and it relies on taxes that may not provide the growing, sustainable revenue needed to support the permanent income-tax reduction. read more

Mid-Biennium Review should focus on investments, not tax cuts

Added April 1st, 2014

Investment in services that benefit all Ohioans would be a better use of state funds than tax cuts. Gov. Kasich’s proposal continues to shift the weight of state taxes from the most affluent to middle- and lower-income Ohioans. (read more)