Policy Matters Ohio totals Kasich local government cost cutting at $1B

Columbus Business First - November 14, 2012

Columbus Business First reporter Jeff Bell writes that our new report on the deepening impact of state funding cuts on Ohio communities “could end up being a go-to guide for cities, counties and townships hoping to protect themselves from further reductions in the next state budget go-around in 2013.”

You can click here to view the report from the nonprofit economic policy group. The bottom line is state funding cuts to local governments will total just over $1 billion this year and for 2013, resulting in what the report calls “slashed services, closed facilities and layoffs” of public employees.

In the study, Intensifying Impact: State budget cuts deepen pain for Ohio communities, we examine the impact on local governments and communities of the cuts made by Gov. John Kasich and Republican legislators in 2011.

Bell continues:

Policy Matters has been a vocal critic of Kasich’s budget decisions, and the new report is another indication the group will keep the issue on the front burner in the months ahead.

Kasich will present his next biennial budget plan by early March, and some local government officials have told me they fear additional funding reductions are in the works.

The new report also includes a breakdown of the cuts sustained in each of Ohio’s 88 counties, including Franklin where cuts to local governments and schools will reportedly total $262 million.

Policy Matters Ohio totals Kasich local government cost cutting at $1B

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