Show Us the Stimulus: An Evaluation of State Government Recovery Act Websites

July 29, 2009

In the first comprehensive overview of how the states are reporting on their use of Federal Stimulus Funds, the national research group Good Jobs First reviews and ranks the official Recovery Act websites of the 50 states and the District of Columbia. It evaluates the quality of each state’s online reporting about Recovery Act highway projects. The ratings cover issues such as the inclusion of data on job creation, contract awards and the geographic distribution of stimulus spending within a state. Ohio receives a score of 40 for its ARRA website, putting it in a tie for 10th place among the states. It scores roughly the same in ARRA highway reporting, getting a score of 38 (a tie for 26th place).

The Recovery Act extends or expands unemployment compensation for millions of Americans, provides support to ensure that states can meet essential obligations, and funds infrastructure investments. We can better measure the Act’s success if there is easy access to clear information about how much has been spent and on what, and about which portions of the spending have done most to create jobs, increase equity, improve energy efficiency, and stimulate the economy.

See how the states are doing in distribution and disclosure here:

Press Release – Ohio

Full Report and state data

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