Sneak Preview

August 31, 2014


We are excited to share a sneak preview of the State of Working Ohio, which hits airwaves and headlines today. Thanks to your support, Ohio will have more insight on how to help working families.

We learned some pretty jarring things:

  • The share of Ohioans that is working is at a 34-year low — worse than in any year since we’ve been tracking it. 
  • Of Ohio’s 12 most common occupations, 11 pay too little to get a family of three above 150% of the poverty line – the most common Ohio job pays just $18,300 a year! 
  • As a group, the bottom 99% of us now make less each year than the bottom 99% of a generation ago in Ohio. The top 1% makes 70% more
  • Median hourly wages have fallen over the past generation, while hourly productivity is up 65%!

We end, as we always do, with concrete, smart, practical recommendations that could improve jobs and the economy, like investing in education from pre-K through college.

This is not an Ohio economy that works for everyone. 

Help us turn it into one that does by contributing now

And don’t forget to read the State of Working Ohio report.


Amy Hanauer and the Policy Matters team


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