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Campaign Briefing 2008: Achieving an Economy That Works

October 23, 2008

Campaign Briefing 2008: Achieving an Economy That Works

October 23, 2008

Since our arrival on the scene eight years ago, Policy Matters has warned about an economy that excessively compensated the wealthiest while leaving out low- and middle-income workers. We noted the frightening spike in foreclosures and demanded better regulation. We’ve raised caution about underinvestment in people, infrastructure and alternative energy, and we’ve laid out a vision of a smarter economy that invests in the future, creates opportunity, and increases equity and sustainability.

Creating a more fair, prosperous and sustainable Ohio requires thinking big. This campaign briefing and our other resources will, we hope, provide the beginnings of a blueprint for a smarter approach that leaves us prepared for tomorrow.

Action Items for Ohio Candidates Seeking and Holding Office in Ohio:

• Raise Adequate Revenue to Invest in Needed Services and Increase Tax Fairness
• Invest in Pre-Kindergarten Education
• Train and Retrain Ohio’s workforce to Meet Labor Demands
• Invest in Energy and Infrastructure.
• Create Opportunity in Ohio
• Construct On-Ramps to the Middle Class
• Strengthen Unemployment Compensation
• Help Build and Protect Ohioans’ Assets

Providing opportunity, investing in the future, building on-ramps to the middle class, protecting assets and providing strong public infrastructure led to a more prosperous, educated, productive, equitable and sustainable Ohio. A renewed commitment to these policies will create a better Ohio and a better America.

Click Here to Read Campaign Briefing 2008:  Achieving an Economy that works 


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