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State of Working Ohio 2006

September 03, 2006

State of Working Ohio 2006

September 03, 2006

We are now nearly five years into a national economic recovery and some commentators have begun to talk about a potential downturn. For workers in Ohio, this is the recovery that wasn't. The state has fewer jobs and lower real median wages than it had in 2000, before the most recent recession. Yet in many ways the American and Ohio economies are at heights of productivity and profitability. We have the resources to create a more prosperous and fair Ohio, but the vast majority of the benefits are going to a very limited number of societal winners. Read the State of Working Ohio to learn how changes in policy could help workers and their families better share in the economy to which they contribute so much.

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The Joyce Foundation supports Policy Matters Ohio research on workers in Ohio. The St. Ann Foundation provides additional funding for presentations and popular education on these issues. We are also grateful to the Gund and Cleveland Foundations, Greater Cleveland Community Shares and the Economic Policy Institute for other support.

Please contact us if you are interested in having Policy Matters present to your group on issues facing working families.

Source for graph: Policy Matters Ohio analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data


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