More productive, paid less

- September 15, 2014

 In this eNews: Ohio workers more productive, earning less; design flaws mean that boost in in Ohio EITC credit won’t reach those that need it most; unemployment compensation debt predates the recession; Policy Matters in the news.

More productive, paid less – Our State of Working Ohio report finds that Ohio workers are 66.9% more productive, but actually earning less than their 1979 counterparts. We’re more productive partly because we’re much more educated, but we’re earning less because almost all of the gains are going to the very richest. Ohio is also just not creating enough jobs. We end with powerful recommendations to invest in people and the planet, to turn this state around.

Out of step – Changes to the Ohio Earned Income Tax Credit this summer doubled the credit, but design flaws mean that most low-wage workers won’t get the benefit.

Shortfall – Ohio’s unemployment compensation fund is $1.4 billion dollars in debt to the federal government.  The recession didn’t help, but the fund has taken in too little revenue for the past ten years.  Zach Schiller testified.

In the news – Listen in on Amy Hanauer’s profile of the jobs climate on the Public News Service.  As the Plain Dealer reported, working Ohioans have lost ground over a generation. The Toledo Blade shared Policy Matters’ recommendations for a brighter future.

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