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Special Projects

Our coordinated campaigns and research projects let us focus our work to do the most good. The projects collected here are ongoing, so check in often for updates.

Funding our future

The federal government is pouring cash into Ohio with the American Rescue Plan Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Check out the videos below for a menu of options that policymakers and advocates can choose from — all of which include best practices for putting these funds to work for everyone.

Cleveland For All

When Clevelanders come together we have the power to make our communities better — just like we did to pass historic police reform. Cleveland is embarking upon a new era of leadership. Let's make our voices heard.

Ohio Budget Project

Ohio's budget reflects our legislators' priorities. Our Ohio Budget Project lays out the fundamentals, digs into specifics and recommends better ways to fund an Ohio that works for everyone.

Overcoming Roadblocks to Health

Smart policy can make Ohio a state where people - whether black, white or brown – or whether they live in a city, a suburb or rural area – can live healthy, happy lives. 

The American Rescue Plan

Here you'll find highlights from a series of conversations with experts, coalition partners and community organizers on how Ohio can use the resources provided by the American Rescue Plan Act to positively transform the lives of Ohioans and provide a just recovery.

Civic Engagement

Our democracy works best when we look out for each other and make sure everyone has what they need. That means counting everyone in the Census, making sure every voter can freely & safely take part in every election, and pitching in wherever we can. Our Civic Engagement resources page collects links to everything you need to do the heroic work of democracy every day.

Candidate Resource Materials

Candidates for state and local office trust Policy Matters Ohio's evidence-based analysis to help them craft progressive policy. Here you'll find video from our most recent legislative candidate briefing and links to the research materials we provide to candidates for office.

Policy Matters Ohio 2020 Candidates Forum

Workforce Data

A diverse workforce that's trained well and paid fairly is at the heart of a thriving economy. Our Workforce Data page features the most current data on Ohio jobs, wages and more. It's also where you'll find links to some of our most popular reports on work in Ohio.

Medicaid at Risk

Medicaid expansion helps Ohioans see a doctor when they are sick or injured. Health coverage makes it easier for workers to work and for unemployed people to look for work. Ohio has received federal approval to make expanded Medicaid enrollees meet work requirements. This will drive down health coverage.

Student Debt Liberation Campaign

Ohio has one of the highest rates of student debt per capita in the nation. We can do better. For our Student Debt Liberation Campaign, we have partnered with the Ohio Student Association to research student debt in Ohio and recommend policy solutions.

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